Leonard George Irving 1924 – 2016

My friend Leonard George Irving passed away in Vermont on November 6, 2016. Here is to my memory of him. -- Daniel Borgström

Leonard George Irving
April 18, 1924 – November 6, 2016

Soldier, sailor, beachcomber and poet
an old warrior from the land of the thistle
from beyond Hadrian's Wall, from Dundrennan
free spirit and frugal soul, oft-time lover of the bottle
a Border Country Scot
veteran of World War II, gunner's mate in the Royal Marines
survivor of two ships lost, blown out from under
later a socialist, an antiwar activist (though perhaps arrested
more times for drunk and disorderly than for civil disobedience)
world traveler, a holy grailor
in México, my companion on the long road to Apatzingán
we made the journey twice
and in Vermont,
my fellow woodsman, my partner
eighteen summers we worked in those woods
the elder brother I never had
he and Randy – my family

Daniel Borgström